Episode 09 – “Sensitive Guys” (Blazey Best & Samantha Ward)

Blazey Best and Samm Ward talk about their production’s very contemporary feminism, and what it means when people walk out of your show. (Interview recorded 12th May, 2019)

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Episode 08 – Photographers Special (Clare Hawley & Robert Catto)

A special episode, featuring two of Sydney’s busiest theatre photographers, Clare Hawley and Robert Catto. Join us as we discover the many surprises, about creating enduring imagery from the ephemeral art of theatre makers.

Click to see photographic work by Clare Hawley and Robert Catto

Episode 06 – Independent Artistic Directors Panel (Ayeesha Ash, Dino Dimitriadis, Kate Gaul, Kim Hardwick, Jeremy Waters)

Our first special episode! An investigation into our theatre landscape, featuring five of Sydney’s most prominent Artistic Directors from the independent theatre sector (Ayeesha Ash, Dino Dimitriadis, Kate Gaul, Kim Hardwick, Jeremy Waters).

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Apocalypse Theatre Company (Dino Dimitriadis)

Black Bird (Ayeesha Ash)

Outhouse Theatre Company (Jeremy Waters)

Siren Theatre Company (Kate Gaul)

White Box Theatre (Kim Hardwick)